Working at Persolis

Work with a unified team

The backbone of our business are its resources, and the diversity of these resources. We don’t believe in formats. We all share a strong belief in quality and professionalism. Working at Persolis means joining a tight-knit team, in which everyone helps each other, to meet the challenges of our many different clients. It also means being given the autonomy to develop your career and some unique expertise, to become a reference in your field, for your peers, and especially (and above all) for our customers.

List of benefits

A competitive salary package

In addition to the base salary, a car, a PC, a phone, a mobile phone plan, group insurance… and career opportunities in line with your own evolution.

A team that recognises people’s individuality

We don’t believe in formatting our employees. Instead we want to enrich everyone’s contributions. At Persolis, everyone recognises each other.

Evolve at your own pace

Delve deeper into a specific area, develop your technical or managerial competences… there are plenty of opportunities to build your career together…