Transforming IT promises into HR value.

Together, we build your tomorrow’s HRIS


Who we are ?

We are a team of 40 professionals who deploy and maintain specialised HR management tools. We make our experience available to HR and IT Managers, assisting them daily and developing the tools they need, with them, to support their ambitions.


HR Managers face several different challenges, including providing a faultless administration and winning the war for talent. And now, they must also keep up with a technological revolution, switching to cloud computing. So many areas in which we can help you, for which we have solutions.


Deploy your custom IT solution, tailored to your company and your ambitions. With a transparent budget and deadlines.

Maintenance & support

Ensure your solution, once it is up and running, continues to evolve in line with your needs, legal requirements…


Invent tools that make you stand out from the competition, that fulfil your specific needs…


Delegate the overall or partial responsibility for the management of your IT tool to us, so you can focus on your core business.


While IT tools are constantly evolving, they are always designed to improve your efficiency, allowing you to focus on what really matters: people. We deploy the best tools in the market and ensure that you can capitalise on their full potential: SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors, enriched with our tools, accelerators and connectors. We also deploy and maintain the HR Access platform.

Working at

Join a group of discerning

We create value for our customers with our technological excellence and our understanding of their business. We strongly believe in competence and knowledge and the network-company, where exchanges between peers are just as enriching as training.

A human-sized company

We are a small company and we are proud of this. We believe we can offer more flexibility, can let people discover their niche and develop their own affinities… to become the best in their profession.

Shunning the traditional

Being professional doesn’t mean wearing a suit and tie. Nor does this contradict with the development of team spirit, a permanent atmosphere of comradery and time to unwind together after a rush. This mindset is engrained in our DNA.

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