Our services


We build the tool that will meet your expectations, together with you, as part of your project, making commitments about functionality, budget and planning. We deliver your tool, by relying on methodologies that are promoted by publishers, which we enrich with our experience, our understanding of the HR world, and our own accelerators and tools. We are the only Belgian service provider able to offer a fully localised and integrated tool, combining SuccessFactors with Partena’s payroll engine. Under the “Powered by Persolis logo”, we have developed a unified methodology, deploying an integrated turnkey solution.

Maintenance & support

Human resources is a continuously changing discipline. Which means your HRIS must be able to keep up with this change. To comply with legal requirements, to develop new practices and take advantage of new functionality. In this context, the image of an HR department will be based on its ability to ensure continuity of service (payroll), and in the dynamic it can bring to the company with scalable and flexible tools, that generate value, not constraints. We assist you on a daily basis, to ensure your tool and your HR organisation can keep up with these changes. We offer a dedicated service, as part of your SuccessFactors platform, which includes analysis, preparation and implementation of quarterly releases. So you can take advantage of this, at your own pace, according to your priorities, and enjoy peace of mind.


In the margin of the standardisation required by “cloud” tools, HR platforms increasingly facilitate openness, interconnectivity and customisation by adding specific functionality. Our technological expertise is an asset for you, whether you want to refresh the look and feel of your SAP on-premises platform (FIORI) or add functionality to SuccessFactors (with SCP, CPI). Let’s see how we can build differentiating features that will customise your tool, making it more unique.


There is nothing new about the trend of focusing on one’s core business. It is becoming especially important in HR nowadays because of “cloud tools”, that give rise to an “As A Service” culture. There are various, flexible options, depending on your needs. You can outsource all or part of the management of your platform to us, whether it runs on your or our infrastructure. This means we take care of everything, allowing you to focus on your objectives.