AG Insurance has completely redesigned its HR portal using FIORI technology with the help of Persolis

AG Insurance has been working with Persolis for several years already as part of the development of their HR Department, using Fiori technology for this. To find out more, read the testimonial of Christelle Bouhy, Methods HR & Analytics.

“In a world where everyone uses apps to make life easier, AG Insurance and its HR Department in particular wanted to make the user experience more efficient for its employees. That is why we decided to switch to Fiori technology in 2014 to create an intuitive interface. Instead of struggling to find the HR information they need, employees can now simply click on the tiles to access the relevant, personalised documents and forms”, explains Christelle Bouhy of AG’s HR Department.

« No more manuals to use before a launch. A demo and it’s gone. »
Christelle Bouhy, Methods HR & Analytics

Christelle’s enthusiasm is apparent: “We found that employees quickly learn how to navigate our portal, thanks to its clear visual design, which is adapted to our company’s communication code. No need to worry any longer about user manuals before a launch. All you need is a demo.”

“AG Insurance wanted to make HR tools more dynamic and easier to use for employees. For over ten years, we have worked hard to offer the most adequate solutions, to respond to our customers’ needs. This includes the development of intuitive and user-friendly FIORI applications.”
Michael Vander Sypen, HRIS Project Manager.

“We asked Persolis to assist us with this HR development, in terms of coordination, support for the functional analyses and the technical development. The mixed AG-Persolis team worked in Agile mode, grouping various tiles within each sprint. Everyone’s collaboration and skills and the result-oriented vision enabled us to deliver the project on scope, on time and on budget.

Since the launch, we have continuously improved our HR service offering, by adding new tiles”, says the HR Manager of AG Insurance.

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